9 September, 2009

Welcome to my wordpress.com site!

Its purpose is to provide you with what I believe to be important, lost, allegorical interpretations of “christian” texts, both Biblical and other, now in the process of recovery. The papers that you will find (via page links on the right) on this website are my own, written with attempted academic rigor and hopefully convincing evidences that support my theories to ongoing perplexing problems concerning the works in question. It is my desire that others will find these theories convincing with the purpose of being so moved so as to defend and further develop these theories elsewhere. There are some really worthy groundbreaking reseach topics that could be used for a thesis or dissertation paper. May you read these papers with patience and with an open mind. This website is in the process of being created, so other interpretations are pending. Thank you for your interest.

Matt Estrada


Genesis 40:8 “Do not interpretations belong to God?”